Ivan Chermayeff

Weekend Heller: Chermayeff’s Early Book Covers

It was once said, power is in the hands of the person who owns a printing press. Well, if it’s still true, Michael Russem of Kat Ran Press has been doing good things with his power. He has also helped develop a gallery for graphic design, Katherine Small Gallery in Somerville, Mass., to accompany...

jessica hische, tomorrow I'll be brave

13 Graphic Designers Who Created Picture Books

From Paul Rand to Jessica Hische, these 13 graphic designers have ventured into the craft of children’s literature, all with one notable thing in common: bringing their skills as designers to an audience just getting started in learning to read and see the world.

Look Up Yonder

Ivan Chermayeff and Kurt Vonnegut made beautiful music when they teamed up in 1980 to make a children's book about creation: "Sun Moon Star."

Tristan Schmitz: New Name on the New York Design Scene

He arrived in New York last September with his wife, their kitten, and two suitcases. The next morning, he reported for work as the new senior designer at Chermayeff & Geismar. That doesn’t happen every day. I recently had the opportunity to chat with Tristan Schmitz, 28, about leaving his home country, Germany, and...