Mangasia: A Thousand Views of a Hundred Years of Asian Comics

Do we really need another book-length history of manga? Especially so soon on the heels of John Lent’s excellent Asian Comics, published just a few years ago? Turns out, yes. Mangasia: The Definitive Guide to Asian Comics, by comics expert Paul Gravett, is a very important addition, with a great deal to recommend it.

04/25/2014: Animal voice memos

This is an entertaining project with each part carefully considered – and you can’t really go wrong with cute animals. Animal Voice Memos are a collaboration between Tokyo-based illustrator Ko. Machiyama and Paperable and the end result is clever, high-end and beautifully-crafted memo pad.  Via Creative Boom.

Image of the Day, 10/09/2013: Typography and Tableware

House Industries lent some of its typography and style to this set of tableware from Hasami, Japan. After having already collaborated for the Hasami Morning Collection, Hasami’s Kyohei Baba worked with House to create the brand Monohara. Read more about the project here. Via House Industries.

Songbird Janet Klein's Hotsy-Totsy Music Designs

By day, Janet Klein is a printing industry representative and sidekick to world-class designers and art institutions. By night—and on weekends—she’s a uke-playing chanteuse. And here in Los Angeles she’s a legend among aficionados of early 1900s ditties, and vintage design. Accompanied by Ian “You Turn Me On” Whitcomb and her other “Parlor Boys,”...

The Comics of Eliza Frye: A Gateway to the Sequential Arts

A lady is murdered. She was a Parisian prostitute. We meet some people who knew her. A bloody butcher. A flower merchant. A client. A painter for whom she modeled. A few others. We attend her burial. The murderer is revealed, the story ends. With a minimum of dialogue, the dark, tense eroticism of...

Today's Obsession: Quake Mapping

Here’s a fascinating bit of infographic which I’ve been watching for the past few days. The Japan Quake Map is a satellite view of Japan including a sub-oceanic view of its surrounding faultlines. The map is animated to give you a time-lapse view of exactly what the Japanese people are going through. It’s horrific—there...

Today's Obsession: Visual Aid for Japan

In direct opposition to my own post on Friday about disaster relief to Japan across the web, Steven Rosenbaum at The Atlantic makes a somewhat strange implication that web workers at South by Southwest a couple of weeks ago failed to take action while at the event. He seems to ignore that, um, they...