Japanese Design

09/02/2014: Beatles poster

While many promotional materials for the Beatles’ movie A Hard Day’s Night mimicked the style of the album, it’s interesting to see the how artwork for the same movie played for international audiences. For example, this rare poster used for promotion in Japan, takes a completely different approach with layered color,...

An Offbeat History of Wrapping Paper

Imprint’s longtime color columnist, Jude Stewart, is writing a new series on patterns in design. Previously, she asked whether ornament is really a crime, spoke to the founders of a London-based “pattern consultancy,” and toured Philadelphia University’s patterns archive. Here’s a holiday statistic that’ll blow your hair back: The Guardian reports that...

The Century 21 of Kimono Design

In a world where everything looks the same in terms of big-retail fashion, it's refreshing to come across this catalog of Japanese Kimono designs.

Tanaka-san, Color Man

Lucas López from Buenos Aires has just published a little jewel called Ikko Tanaka: Colour and Silence, marking the ten year anniversary of Tanaka’s death (1930–2002). The self-generated book is the first one in Spanish and can be found here.

The Rising Son of Alternative Japanese Design

Koga Hirano defined the alternative graphic design movement in postwar Japan, through literally thousands of posters and book jackets. Before counterculture design movements rebelled against the International Style in the West, in 1962 Hirano became the poster, program, and scenic designer for Japan’s burgeoning underground theater company, the June Theater.  The...