ROY G. BIV is Finally Here!

Lovingly packaged with full-color illustrations on every page, “ROY G. BIV” is a great reference or inspiration for designers, artists and color-fans of every stripe. Take a rollicking tour through Jude Stewart’s book.


Why Do Horizontal Stripes Rule in Maternity Wear?

Jude Stewart answers a question that has plagued women for years: If horizontal stripes make you look fatter, why do they dominate maternity wear? Is it just a cruel conspiracy? The latest research suggests it’s not.


5 Reasons You Must Go to HOW Design Live 2013

Designers! (And here we all picture the stern elegance of Project Runway’s Tim Gunn, locking his gaze with our over trim, gold-rimmed glasses.) If you haven’t already registered for HOW Design Live 2013, you’ve got just about a month left …


Drunk Tank Pink: The Power of Color in Marketing

Color sells, it persuades, it cajoles, but how exactly does it wield such power? In the book “Drunk Tank Pink” author and NYU professor Adam Alter peers into how seeming innocuous factors of daily life—colors, names, visual symbols—can drive consumer …

Wunderkammer of Color: March 2013 Edition

Hidey-ho, color fans. Time to crack open the Wunderkammer and explore the latest and most brilliant finds, like these dazzling CMYK-style earrings by Daisuke Motogi for Japanese design retailer (Hat tip to Design Boom and Proto-JP Tumblr for unearthing …

Color And Pattern Punch from New York Fashion Week 2013

I’m a sucker for fashion-watching, not least because this strays well outside my usual professional bailiwick. At the same time, and feel free to borrow my elaborate reasoning to excuse your own extracurricular horseplay, parsing the trends in color and …

Wunderkammer of Color: January 2013 Edition

What’s the very latest in the bright kaleidoscopic world of color? Let’s reach into the grab bag and find out. Many of you know I’m a sucker for oddball coloring books. So I just about leapt out of my skin at …

Black and White and Fascinating All Over: The History of B&W Checkerboard

Imprint’s longtime color columnist, Jude Stewart, is writing a new series on patterns in design. Her previous posts have touched on Adolf Loos, pattern consulting, pattern archives, and holiday wrapping paper. Here, she plumbs a simple, ubiquitous pattern—black-and-white checks, or tartan—that …