Kat Ran Press

G.B. Shaw’s Tailored Jackets

Michael Rossum has been printing small collections of design artifacts for "The Closest Friends of Kat Ran Press" for a number of years. His most recent #7 is Designs on Shaw, a sweet little appreciation of interpretations of George Bernard Shaw's work.

Postage Cancellation

The latest Kat Ran Press dive into philately includes a short essay by the woodcut artist Antonio Frasconi that appeared in "Art in America" in 1941.

Weekend Heller: The Buck Stops Here

One of my favorite small presses, Kat Ran Press has produced lovely illustrated New Year's greetings about designers' (AIGA Medalists') stamp designs, last year for example. This year, the greeting is devoted to type designers who designed currency, paper and coin.

Paste Papers by Bookbinders

Paste Papers of the Pioneer Valley, a handsomely designed and printed little volume, is a history of fine printing and binding in the Pioneer Valley of western Massachusetts, with special focus on decorated and paste papers and nineteen printers. Illustrated with full-page reproductions of nineteen paste papers with short biographies of their makers—”many of...