What Would Hadank Do?

In contrast with his elaborate package, label and trademark design, O.H.W. Hadank's logos (zeichen) were more modern—simple and elegant.

Litho-Mania: Marketing with Lithography, Circa 1939

My last post concerned the photoengraving industry of the pre-Depression period. This week it’s pre-WWII lithography! Litho Media: A Demonstration of the Selling Power of Lithography, published in 1939 by Roger Stephens and edited by H. Homer Buckelmueller and Colin Campbell, is a 206-page, 12-by-15-inch slipcased bible produced to help publicize the successful and...

Foiled Again

Sticker madness did not rise out of the counter culture’s primordial ooze from nothing. Foil-stamped, embossed labels were and still are big business. If it is not clear to what I’m referring, think anniversary foil stamped seals on boxes or envelopes. They more or less all look the same. But actually, there is a...