Paul Rand's logo for American Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), 1962; successful logos

What Made a Logo Great

HOW Logo Design Awards judge Wally Krantz, executive creative director at Landor, NYC, explores what we can learn from successful logos from the past.

Mad Men’s Peggy and the Truth About Cigarette Branding

Mad Men is hooked on cigarettes. And it just can’t stop. In the first scene of 2007’s pilot–set in 1960 and titled “Smoke Gets in Your Eyes”–Don Draper talks with a waiter about Old Gold vs. Luckies. He shortly learns that they’re all poisonous. The theme continues, wafting through Don’s controversial “Why I’m quitting...

Image of the Day Archive, July 2010

July 1 / Tauba Auerbach, Shatter III July 2 / Mike Collinge, Auckland International Airport Annual Report July 6 / Chermayeff & Geismar, Poster Series for Pan-Am July 7 / Landor, Packaging for Miller High Life July 8 / Atelier Carvalho Bernau, Walden Affairs July 9 / Randy Hage, 1/12th Scale Model of Nick’s...