Image of the Day, August 5, 2013

ShaoLan Hsueh’s Chineasy is a ingenious Kickstarter project that involves teaching Chinese through creating memorable illustrations from Chinese characters. Read more about the project here. Via Creative Bloq.

Why Some Languages Sound So Fast

This article at Time rocketed around the nerd circles on Twitter, Google+ and Facebook last week; the title says it all. Why do some languages sound so much faster than others? The answer is surprising. Linguists on the project worked out a scale of information density per syllable for each of the seven sample...

Today's Obsession: 65,536 Characters

This, to the casual viewer, is a video of random characters flashing by. To me, it’s a triumph of automated communication—it’s every character in a comprehensive typeface. Technically: it’s every displayable character in a Unicode double-byte face from data positions 0 to 65,536. This is the current standard of typeface production which became formally...