Leo Lionni

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13 Graphic Designers Who Created Picture Books

From Paul Rand to Jessica Hische, these 13 graphic designers have ventured into the craft of children’s literature, all with one notable thing in common: bringing their skills as designers to an audience just getting started in learning to read and see the world.

Captivating Stranger

In high school, Steven Heller was struck by Leo Lionni's cover for "The Stranger." Years later, when the two became friends, Lionni gave him the original drawing.

Masquerading Artists

The 1951 Improvisations program for the Artists Equity Masquerade Ball includes artwork by the likes of Isabel Bishop and many more artists. Take a look inside this limited edition program.

Designers Who Played With Colored Paper

Flip through any graphic arts trade magazine or design journal and it's impossible to miss the heavy paper insert ads for variously colored papers. Many of them over the decades have been opportunities for designer-artists to spread and flap their creative wings. Here are two by mid-century modernists Leo Lionni and George Guisti from...

Magazine Pages, Lionni-Style

To promote well-designed advertisements for Fortune magazine, in the late 1950s its art director Leo Lionni (1910–1999) devised a formidably large booklet in a slipcase to demonstrate “Fortune‘s high standards of graphic excellence” in terms of its four-color letterpress printing. The abstract forms below are either single or double pages from this book, titled...

When Fortune Reigned on Wall Street

Before the Occupy Movement picked its fight with Wall Street, Wall Street picked a fight with the old-school Tycoons. At least Fortune magazine did. That’s the magazine of big business that was launched in 1930, founded by Henry Luce chief of Time/Life. Only four months after the 1929 Stock Market Crash and the start...