Lester Beall

The Unseen Lester Beall

Steven Heller talks with Michael Skjei about a new exhibition that honors an underappreciated genius: Leaster Beall.

A Chicago Tribune Geek-Out !

A crazy quilt of material concerning aspects of the Chicago Tribune that have injected themselves into J.J. Sedelmaier's personal and professional life.

Shape and Shadow Modernism

Steven Heller takes a look at the evolution of classic Modern to Mid-Century Modern design via Fortune magazine and a forgotten artist.

Experimental Typography 1960

When I think of “experimental typography,” visions of dancing, distressed, and often illegible letterforms leap to mind. But in 1960, when the Composing Room (directed by Dr. Robert Leslie), one of New York’s most influential type shops-cum-graphic design showcases, invoked the term, clarity was the goal—somewhat. This was the moment when hot-metal typesetting was...