Letter Heads

This artifact of letterhead virtuosity is one of the choice items in the pantheon of designed stationery.

Letterheads: Then and Then

Whatever the fate of the printed page, letterheads (actual or virtual) will never disappear. What's more, they will always change -- maybe not as radically as these 1931 examples of before and after, but typographic styles will denote changes in attitudes and technologies.

Giving and Getting Letterhead

There are Dead Heads, Dope Heads, Knuckle Heads, Screw Heads, Shower Heads, Sprinkler Heads, Bald Heads, Jar Heads and Letterheads. The latter is among the small gems of graphic design. These are from a 1932 sample book published in England and used by a small job printer to sell his services. Some are quite...

Labels of Our Dreams

Just think, getting a label on your Consolidated Edison bill that look like this: These are but a few of the labels produced in 1913 that have a typographic exquisiteness and design nuance that was considered classic. Mailing labels are still very much with us, but the computer print-out variety just doesn’t match-up. For...

Save the Last Dansk for Me

Forgive the inexcusable pun. This is serious. Well, serious if you are a fan of letterhead design. Below are a selection of Danish letterheads (brevpapir) and bill-heads (fakturablanketter) from a rare specimen book published in the early 1950s in Copenhagen. The editor, Henry Thejls, collected almost 100, many from printing houses in Denmark, not...