06/24/2014: Lettering Advice

RDA winner and New Visual Artist Nathan Yoder recently offered up advice on his work with type and hand-lettering and offers some sound advice. Yoder covers everything from techniques on how to get started and larger, philosophical questions you need to ask yourself to get involved. Getting this kind of advice from a proven...


03/11/2014: Lettering artforms

A look at the recent work of Budapest, Hungary-based designer Áron Jancsó typographic work. Many take a nearly abstract approach but still have an excellent geometric shapes and forms. Check out more here. Via Looks Like Good Design.


Image of the Day, 11/06/2013: Typefight

The Typefight Print Shop is back and pitting letterpress prints against each other in a battle for supremacy (or at least a little fun). The prints of each competitor are available in very limited edition 25 print runs. Below is a recent battle between Darren Booth and Mary Kate McDevitt. Via Grain Edit.


Softcore Type

Can type or lettering be sensual, seductive or sexy? Let's return to the land of l'amour, l'amour et la vie sexuelle -- a little continental soft-core magazine called "Séduction." The lettering alone may not do all the seducing but in context it's more suggestive of taboo themes than asexual Helvetica. The variations on the...

Get on the Speedball

There is nothing like a Speedball pen nib for the ease of making fluid, swirly and blocky letters. They were popular in 1933 when the Speedball Text Book was on the market (the one above is the 12th Edition); and if you tear yourself away from the computer for a few moments, they are...

Five Questions With thx thx thx's Leah Deiterich

Like most daily web sites that cater to a specific audience, Leah Dieterich’s thank-you note blog thx thx thx first captured my attention for a variety of personal reasons: For one, I too, love to write thank-you notes—and have for the last five years—written a few freehand letters a week (instead of emails), using...

Embroidery Typography

Sometimes the best typography books are not typography books. Embroidery type design from the book, A Handbook of Lettering for Stitchers by Elsie Svennas. Download a PDF at Public Collectors, go to the park and draw letters all weekend. I expect to see your work on my desk first thing Monday. Thanks to Kelly...

Today's Obsession: The "The" Project

Monsieur Robb Ogle of Ontario (that’s near downtown Canada, for the Americans) gives us a novel little thing, The “The” Project. This is pretty much what you’d expect—a gallery made up of the word “the,” lettered variously. All pre-digital, too!