Lucian Bernhard

My Favorite Bernhard

The Lucian Bernhard typeface design I most admire is Extra Fat Bernhard Antiqua, a nervously drawn face that works well in all caps and upper and lower case on posters and editorial pages.

Words to Design By

The following words to design by, from the pen of Lucian Bernhard, were written in January 1929—a year that started brightly and came to a crushing halt on October 29 with the  devastating collapse of U.S. stock market prices. After that, type and graphic design did not seem as important. But, surprisingly, it was. Type...

His Name is Lucian, But Everyone Knows Him as Bernhard

The Priester Match poster designed in 1906 by Lucian Bernhard is a watershed document of modern graphic design. Its composition is so stark and its colors so starling that it captures the viewer’s eye in an instant. Before Preister, persuasive simplicity was a rare thing in most advertising: posters, especially tended to be wordy...