Ludwig Hohlwein

Ludwig Hohlwein’s Archetype

Mein Auto, published in 1927, is devoted to the German passion for auto racing. It is no coincidence that Hohlwein's imagery echoes the Nazi aesthetic.

How Germans Got Physical

In 1908 Dora Menzler founded a school in Leipzig, Germany, for training gymnastics teachers. Her company moved from Leipzig to Hellerau (my home town, not). Her 1924 book “Physical Training of Women In Pictures and Words” with a cover by Ludwig Hohlwein is mate to another physical culture book covered by Hohlwein...

Ludwig Hohlwein’s Fun In The Sun

“Man and Sunlight” is English title of Hans Surén’s book “Der Mensch und die Sonne”, published in 1924; one of many celebrating the German obsession with physical purity and hygiene, nude gymnastics and sun bathing. Surén advocated that men (and women as their mates) dedicate their lives to physical development. Nude...