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Marian Bantjes on Her 2015 RDA Design

With the 2015 Regional Design Annual headed to mailboxes and newsstands, we checked in with Marian Bantjes to discuss her bold designs for the issue.

Stimulating The Economy

The 1930s magazine More Business was produced by the printing industry to stimulate merchants and manufacturers to use letterpress for all their promotion needs. And they used some excellent cover artists. Take a look at several covers.

Boston Magazine’s May Cover

Sometimes it's the simple images that have the most profound affect on our hearts and minds. Boston Magazine's May cover symbolizes love, hope and perseverance instead of the violence that befell the 117th Boston Marathon.

Bob Gill Lends a Hand

There are few things more rewarding to an art director than working with someone you respect, and in that sense, my tenure at Print has seen an abundance of rewards. In the February issue alone, I got to hang out at the Pencil Factory “art directing”—i.e., chatting up the many great,...

RDA Selects: Behind The New Yorker's “Rubbed Out” Cover

For the next few weeks, we’ll be running selected projects from the 2012 Regional Design Annual along with quotes from their designers. To submit work for the 2013 RDA, click here—the early-bird deadline is February 1, 2013. “Rubbed Out” cover by The New Yorker: Françoise Mouly (art editor); Gürbüz Doğan Ekşioğlu (illustrator);

The 2012 Regional Design Annual Is Here!

Print‘s 2012 Regional Design Annual is now out in the world. Inside you’ll find the best in American graphic design, as selected by our esteemed judges: Sarah Gephart (MGMT. Design), Sagi Haviv (Chermayeff & Geismar), Nicole Jacek (formerly of Karlssonwilker), Jason Kernevich and Dustin Summers (the Heads of State), Renda Morton (The...

Neil Gower’s Surprises

You know when you get an e-mail from a stranger who’s coming to town and wants to visit your studio? Those e-mails that you typically delete? Recently, I received one that hit my soft spot: the designer claimed to be a fan of my bottle-cap collection. I had to meet this...

Bare Bodies, Mud Baths, and Beyond: Wet in Retrospect

In the late 1970s, bohemian hipsters on L.A.’s west side were getting Wet. Despite its small circulation, it became highly influential among local artists, designers, and architects. And now, “Making Wet: The Magazine of Gourmet Bathing,” provides a sampling of its spirit. Leonard Koren admits in his book that when he...