Wonder Women of the Eisner Awards

Michael Dooley showcases work by "wonder women"—that is, female comic writers and artists—from this year's San Diego Comic Con.

Camilla d’Errico on Inspiration, Pop Surrealism, and "Inappropriate" Images

“Censorship and the Female Artist” was the subject of one of this year’s San Diego Comic-Con panels. The women on the dais discussed the presentation of strong female characters, public reaction to their work, and the male gaze. Comparing her approach to women’s bodies with that of male artists, the erotic pinup illustrator Olivia...

Long Beach Comic Con: My "7 Highlights" List

  These days, the so-called San Diego “Comic”-Con‘s main attraction is sugary TV and movie confectionery. But if you enjoy graphic novels and cartoons – and, well, scary stuff – you may have attended the recent Comic & Horror Con at Long Beach, CA’s Convention Center. While SDCC has been around for over 40...