03/14/2014: Food maps

Food stylist Caitlin Levin and photographer Henry Hargreaves collaborated to make these inventive maps, built from the region’s most famous foods. Italy is rendered in tomatoes, the entire continent of South America is transformed into citrus fruits and the United States (below) receives the corn treatment. The inventiveness of the various types of corn...

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Those Confounding Maps

Visual Editions has been exploring the rocky terrain of current and future books - design, delivery and platform. Their most recent release, Where You Are is a book of maps and website that collects writing (non-fiction and fiction) and visuals (drawings, photographs, paintings) and tests the common notions of what a map is.


Image of the Day, 08.09.2013: Buckminster Fuller map

Nicole Santucci and Woodcut Maps recently won the Dymax Redux competition, in which artists were asked to redesign the R. Buckminster Fuller Dymaxion world map. The map, comprised of different wood textures, shows global forest densities. Via De Zeen.

Beauty vs. Usability: Exploring Information Design Through Subway Maps

We’ve all been there. The tourist in an unfamiliar city, not-so-subtly trying to make sense of a new transit system. What should be a simple trip from A to B quickly turns into missed connections and lost minutes. Years spent mastering one system may not prepare you for navigating another—as a New Yorker often...

Litho-Mania: Marketing with Lithography, Circa 1939

My last post concerned the photoengraving industry of the pre-Depression period. This week it’s pre-WWII lithography! Litho Media: A Demonstration of the Selling Power of Lithography, published in 1939 by Roger Stephens and edited by H. Homer Buckelmueller and Colin Campbell, is a 206-page, 12-by-15-inch slipcased bible produced to help publicize the successful and...

Accurate Maps vs. Useful Maps

I’ve got maps on my mind again, having recently found W.W. Jervis’s The World in Maps: A Study in Map Evolution, published by Oxford University Press in 1937. I discovered this book quite unexpectedly one recent afternoon, running errands in my Queens neighborhood. New York’s mild winter has teased out the book vendors whom...

Contour Maps Gone 3D

I recently had another project for Levis which involved deconstructing contour maps of volcanoes and giving them dimension for the windows. The styling inspiration was from an amazing ’70s rock climbing book. It reminds me of my parents (how did everyone look so good back then?!). I found too much inspiration in the maps department....

Maps, Maps Everywhere

“Mike, here’s where we are in the scheme of things.” This scrawled message, found in From Here to There, accompanies a hand-drawn map that pinpoints Mike’s final destination of 20 Princess Street. What this map also tells us is that we are in Australia, south Australia, Adelaide to be precise. From a sketch of...