Marian Bantjes

Marian Bantjes on Her 2015 RDA Design

With the 2015 Regional Design Annual headed to mailboxes and newsstands, we checked in with Marian Bantjes to discuss her bold designs for the issue.

Return to Sender

The other day I received a letter within a letter from Marian Bantjes that included a message and a challenge.

"Unjustified", Part II

By Paula Scher As promised, the following are my thoughts about future AIGA competitions (shows) and a response to the 160 plus posts to my recent article on Imprint “AIGA: Unjustified”. 1. Are Design Competitions an “elitist system”? I owe my career to the AIGA. I am a beneficiary of the exposure that comes...

The Future of Web Fonts Is Sooner Than It Used To Be

In his opening keynote, Roger Black couldn’t have been more succinct: The future of typography is “all about screen fonts.” So naturally, for  TypeCon 2010’s “The Future is Now” panels, the topic was “Web Fonts.” And for the second half, the stage was packed with 14 typography-related business people. Okay, businessmen. The full session...