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The Science, Business and Voodoo of Color in Marketing

Color persuades—this we know for sure. So studying color in marketing, the ultimate persuasion business, seems ripe for fascinating insights. Here’s a dive into some of the latest research on the topic. I can’t think of a longer-lasting, higher-stakes design decision than choosing your logo design and palette, so colors of major web brands...


Drunk Tank Pink: The Power of Color in Marketing

Color sells, it persuades, it cajoles, but how exactly does it wield such power? In the book “Drunk Tank Pink” author and NYU professor Adam Alter peers into how seeming innocuous factors of daily life—colors, names, visual symbols—can drive consumer behavior in unimaginable ways. The book’s title stems from a 1979 psychiatric study in...


Image of the Day, April 16, 2013

Typographic series for ads for Adobe, that illustrate popular myths about the marketing field created by designer Jordan Metcalf. Check out more a more detailed look of the project here.

My Tech Start-Up Idea

A couple months ago a magazine I contributed to asked me a series of questions. One question asked, “If you were to create your own tech start-up, what would it be?” Co-authored with my favorite branding guru, Brian Collins.

When Van Heusen Made an Economical Collar

It may seem odd to most of you that shirt-fronts and collars were sold separately. Imagine, going to the Gap and paying extra for the detachable shirt collar. It wasn’t that collars were not sewn on shirts prior to this, they were. But this was a better way to clean and starch a collar...

Howdy 7Up!

I became interested in pop bottles (I grew up in the Chicago area where we all said “pop”) and related stuff when I was about 12 years old. I had gone inside an old garage that was attached to a neighborhood house that was being torn down and inside was a cache of un-returned...

Tucking You In With 12 Pullman Fact Booklets 1929-30

Before branding and marketing had all the options afforded the advertiser today, there was a substantial period when companies spent their time and money on offering up little giveaway goodies to the public. Without the web, television or even radio, corporations often relied on print to spread the word about their “Made In America”...