Marshall McLuhan

daily heller 12-16

Marshall McLuhan, False Prophet

Take a look at Marshall McLuhan, his role in Woody Allen's film, the book about his work and why this philosopher has continued to be so appealing - even today.

Bucky Fuller's Book: "I Seem To Be a Topsy-Turvy Design"

Last week, Steven Heller covered Quentin Fiore, designer of books by the medieval-minded media theorist Marshall McLuhan and the yuppie-brained Yippie leader Jerry Rubin. Heller also mentioned a 1970 paperback that the architect/engineer/designer R. Buckminster “Bucky” Fuller put together with Fiore and writer Jerome Agel. Fuller has been called the grandfather of the green movement....

The End of Print (Again): Why David Carson Still Matters

David Carson came to the fore of visual culture in the early 1990s, solidifying his place in 1995 with the publication of The End of Print: The Grafik Design of David Carson. His frenetic lettering and layouts inspired countless designers to push boundaries and break classical rules, qualities that are still prized today. So...

Digital-Age Perspective From the Electric Information Age

The Electric Information Age Book, by Jeffrey Schnapp (the faculty director of Harvard’s MetaLAB) and Adam Michaels (a cofounder of Project Projects), is the third installment in the “Inventory Books” series, which seeks “to advance the role of design as an integrated force in book editing and production . . . as a means of revitalizing the...