Max Korner

Two-tone Monograms

Monograms and signets are beautiful typographic delights that require a keen design sense and a calligraphic hand. Get inspired by these German specimens from Max Körner's Das Neue Monogram und Zeichenwerk (c.1950).

Separated Years After Birth

Max Körner (1883-1963), who I wrote about two weeks ago, left behind more than a bunch of obscure trademarks. Thanks to Daily Heller private eye and public nose sleuth, Mirko Ilic, we see (below) that Bluetooth owes a rather obvious debt to this less known German logo designer for his 1922 Behinger and Co....

Max "Marking Mark" Körner

Max Körner (1883-1963) was a painter and German trademark designer. From 1913 to 1921 he was a teacher of visual design and crafts at the School of Applied Arts in Stuttgart. From 1921 he held a professorship at the State School of Applied Arts in Nuremberg and was director of the master class for...