Today's Obsession: Gaming Google

photo: Flickr member Recently I picked apart what I thought was a pretty cool usage of microdata at Google—using it to specify recipes in their search results. But, of course, the black hat SEO community (black hat being how dishonest is pronounced in nerd) is completely gaming their results. It seems the Google-included snippets...

Today's Obsession: Recipes on Google

The other day, Google announced on its developer blog that it’s going to begin including rich snippets of recipes from the web. This is great news for idiots like myself and my boyfriend who insist upon cooking based upon complete strangers’ websites. (Related: would you like to try some peanut and chicken stew from...

Today's Obsession: Microdata

As the HTML5 specification continues to be hammered out and experimented with across the web, we all begin to be more familiar with its more gee-whiz aspects, like animation and video. But Webmonkey shows off something I literally had no idea was in the spec: microdata.