Advertising Meets Interactive Design

I recently interviewed interactive designer Jonathan Harris about his work for the October issue of Print, which is focused on storytelling through design. During the interview, Harris referenced an essay by David Foster Wallace (“A Supposedly Fun Thing I’ll Never Do Again”) in which DFW explains the difference between art and advertising: This is...

Today's Obsession: Comic Sans Pro

As if it wasn’t bad enough that Comic Sans exists at all, now the Angry Birds of typefaces has been released as Comic Sans Pro. Now you can make so many more languages look like a child is speaking to you. Perfect for annual reports! $120 (not kidding) gets you two weights with swashes,...

Today's Obsession: Microsoft's Arc Touch Mouse

Before I dive into this, a bit of housekeeping: last week, we promised two licenses for TypeDNA to be drawn today. The winners of those licenses are: Keaton Taylor and Chloe Boulos. We’ll be talking to you folks via Twitter. Now, about this little black thinger above.

The Future of Web Fonts Is Sooner Than It Used To Be

In his opening keynote, Roger Black couldn’t have been more succinct: The future of typography is “all about screen fonts.” So naturally, for  TypeCon 2010’s “The Future is Now” panels, the topic was “Web Fonts.” And for the second half, the stage was packed with 14 typography-related business people. Okay, businessmen. The full session...

Bad Taste: The Key To Success?

Everywhere I look, a concept seems to be repeating itself: The biggest brands have a horrible sense of design, and the better-looking brands are far behind in views and/or customers. Every day, an alarmingly high number of people choose YouTube over Vimeo, Windows over MacOS10, and Explorer over, well, any other browser.