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A Coup Worthy of Mad Men

Milton Glaser was enticed to return to a style that helped put him on the map in the ’60s for the campaign promoting the new season of “Mad Men.” Take a deeper look at Glaser’s iconic work.


Weekend Heller: Hate Posters, Good Books

As part of the Festival of Tolerance in Sarajevo, Mirko Ilic organized the opening of the “Antimasonic Posters from 1941-42″ Show in Sarajevo at the Galerija 11/07/95 from Oct 24 until November 4th. Anti-semitic caricatures haven’t lost their potency. These hate posters were created to announce the Nazi anti-masonic show in Belgrade in 1941.


A Visit to Milton Glaser’s “Camp”

I never cared for the Camp sensibility. Sit through a “so bad it’s good” flick? Please! I barely have time for good-good movies. My notes on a Sontag lecture I endured: “So dry and detached it’s deadening.” And anyway, Camp …


Weekend Heller: Shooting Shame, Storm Dies, Sparkling Neon

Ignoring the 90 Percent Milton Glaser responded to the cowardice of the United States Senate to pass the minimum gun legislation with a poster. While posters won’t end gun violence, at least the 90 percent who advocate for some kind …

Profiles of Inspiration

Last year, I got to visit one of my old haunts, the Norton Simon Museum in Pasadena, California, for the first time in over a dozen years. Since the permanent collection has changed little over the years, it was good …

My First Portfolio: Mirko Ilić

Print‘s new Portfolio Review is now open and accepting entries. It’s a great opportunity for designers to show off their stuff and personally connect with some of the top design firms in the country. All entrants will have their work featured …

Dissent Makeover

By Aleksandar Maćašev The annual Belgrade design conference, “(Graphic) Designer: Author or Universal Soldier,” was subtitled “Action” this year, and included a street exhibition called “Design of Dissent,” consisting of works featured in the book, Design of Dissent by Milton …

Designer Profile: Jee-eun Lee

Not many young designers can boast a pedigree as impressive or as diverse as Jee-eun Lee’s. From Mirko Ilic to Milton Glaser, Lee has had the rare good fortune to begin her already promising career by collaborating with two of the …