There Is No Box!

We used to joke around the office that our work amounted to an unending cycle; “Another day, another rectangle,” we’d say. And in some ways, that still works. After all, new devices are popping into existence all the time; each one with its own unique, glowing, rectangular screen into which will eventually be squeezed...

Today's Obsession: Skeleton

Here’s (another) nice CSS/JS framework to help folks develop for the burgeoning mobile web. Skeleton is kind of at the top of my list at the moment because of its generic nature—there’s almost no opinion put into the framework at all, and its typographic foundations are ridiculously simple. The framework’s hosted as an open...

Today’s Obsession: iOS4 Multitasking, Explained

iOS4’s probably on your iPhone already by this point, as it is mine, but of course, Apple’s public explanations of their implementations leave something to be desired. The Iconfactory’s Craig Hockenberry has a well-written essay explaining iOS4’s multitasking implementation and how it actually works (versus how many seem to be expecting it to work).