Modernism 101

The Other Great Men’s Magazine

Gentry magazine broke new ground with its amazing graphic design and the timeless men’s fashions it presented in every issue.

Rand Here! Get Your Rand Here!

Randall Ross, the proprietor of Modernism 101, recently brought out a catalog featuring a significant collection of Paul Rand’s artifacts. Rand produced scores of material which many took for granted when they were issued in abundance. The rarer they’ve become, the more valuable they are. Not everything was reproduced in the biography that I...

Midcentury Modern Artifacts

The mid-century modern antiquarian book dealer Randall Ross of Modernism 101 has just released new catalog in PDF that traces the origins and connects the dots of the “Good Design” movement that was celebrated in a landmark exhibition at MoMA. Here’s what MoMA says about the exhibition that was launched there: At mid-century MoMA...