When Money Was Just Dough

Notgeld ("emergency" or "necessity money") refers to money issued by cities in Germany and Austria during the 1920s, a period of rapid and rabid inflation. Here are several examples.


Chwast’s Quote: Words of Wisdom from Marty Neumeier

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Your Personal Slavery Footprint

There are a couple of things worrying me pretty intensely about this state of the U.S. economy address from the Fed. Firstly, there seems to still be an unreasonable hope that our economy, which we all remember was propped up by speculative, fake wealth, is going to “make a full recovery.” Does that phrase...

How Much Do I Charge, Anyway?

Yesterday, while we were discussing designers not knowing how to charge for their work, Stu noted that: first, the “value” of your work at a monetary level is heavily influenced by your location. A designer in California has a lot more overhead to cover than a designer in Kansas. The internet has removed the...

Sales? What Sales?

Designers, get your asses on the web, start producing valuable work, and start valuing your work! Tired of this stupidity happening. This piece describes how a company managed to cut their budget by two hundred thousand dollars, only to be sold a stolen logo from some moron at a contest site. I don’t care...

The Color(s) of Money

dollar billz

Greetings, taxpayers! Here’s a fine excuse to look up from your pained calculator-stabbing and blood-smeared Form 1040s and horse around a little. After all, you have until Monday, April 18 this year to file with the IRS, so why not join us for...

The Buck Stops Here, Says Andy Warhol

Susan Reinhold is the poster dealer and the other half with Robert Brown of Reinhold Brown Gallery. Andy Warhol was the father of Pop Art and a good friend of the almighty dollar. A new book, Andy Warhol: Making Money (Skira-Rizzoli) shows the evolution of Warhol’s famous dollar sign, which he drew in a...