When Politics Was Art

Victor Navasky's satiric magazine Monocle, published from the late 1950s through the mid-1960s, had its finger on the pulse of things to come.


A Visit to Milton Glaser’s “Camp”

I never cared for the Camp sensibility. Sit through a “so bad it’s good” flick? Please! I barely have time for good-good movies. My notes on a Sontag lecture I endured: “So dry and detached it’s deadening.” And anyway, Camp is so 49 years ago. But I love “The Camp Followers’ Guide.” This cheap...

Revisiting Monocle Mediterraneo

TAKEAWAY: The summer’s indispensable companion, Monocle Mediterraneo, made its grand entrance at a Mediterranean beach near you. It is a must have. For us in this industry, it is a colorful, informative reminder of how much fun print can be. A happy editor/publisher/admiral of the fleet, Tyler Brulé updates us on early report following the launch...

Introducing Monocle Mediterraneo

What a week: the much awaited Monocle Mediterraneo debuted July 29, and the Metropoli magazine exhibit started July 28. Be on the lookout for these events, which we will revisit. It is almost here, and, at least the front page is here for all to see, a pictorial invitation to sample the inside contents of...