Pencil to Pixel, Exhibit by Monotype

Relive the Beauty of Pencil to Pixel

Did you miss “Pencil to Pixel,” a one-week popup exhibit of artifacts representing more than 100 years of typeface design? Check out these fabulous photos.

Tell Us About Type, Mr. Goudy

Frederic W. Goudy  (March 8, 1865, Bloomington, Illinois—May 11, 1947, Marlboro, New York), was, as most of you know, a printer and typographer who designed more than 100 typefaces, many bearing his name. He was also a prolific author on matters typographic. …

Today's Obsession: Web Type for CMSes

If you’re developing sites in WordPress, Drupal, or Joomla for your clientele to edit after you’re done, you now have another tool in your arsenal. Monotype’s now has a WordPress plugin for you to download and hook up to …