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Uncovering Hollywood History: The Collection

What DJ Ginsberg & Marilyn Wagner found in a back room at Franx Antiques & Art in Omaha, Nebraska was like no other find. Boxes and boxes of Hollywood relics covered in dust that would change their lives forever and lead to the creation of The Collection, a hollywood history documentary.

09/18/2014: Godard movie posters

Earlier this week, regular Print contributor Rick Poynor highlighted (in Design Observer) an exhibit at London’s Kemistry Gallery of Hans Hillmann’s movie posters. While the German designer might be relatively unknown, his influence is very evident, and Poynor puts an emphasis on his collaboration with director Jean-Luc Godard.The collaboration starts in the mid-60s and...

02/06/2014: Cuban film posters

There’s a lot of inventiveness in both illustration and design in this Flickr gallery of Cuban movie posters from the last 50 years, collected by the Danish Film Institute. Via Design Observer. Submit design and illustration work for consideration in Image of the Day to Ronson Slagle.

Spike Lee’s Other Poster Design Bamboozle: Saul Bass

  A poster for Spike Lee’s latest movie may be a ripoff. But it’s not the first time he’s faced accusations of unlawful design “appropriation.” Eighteen years ago, Saul Bass himself was pointing the finger. First, the latest incident. It began when an ad agency hired L.A.-based freelancer Juan Luis Garcia, whose poster design...

Image of the Day, May 14, 2013

Aaron Horkey curated a series of posters based on Paul Thomas Anderson films on sale at Mondo this week. Indiewire talks to Horkey about the collection, including his own creation for There Will Be Blood (pictured below). Via Indiewire.