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03/04/2014: Juan Carlos Pagan portfolio

A contributor to one of our past New Visual Artist issues, Juan Carlos Pagan has made the move to Design Director at Deutsch New York. Check out some of his work here, particularly his strong illustrative typography. Via ADC Young Guns.

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Print’s April 2014 Issue

The New Visual Artists Issue: This month, we highlight this year’s 20 young artists under the age of 30 who are making their marks as the crème de la crème. Take a look into the portfolios and minds of emerging designers, illustrators and photographers. PURCHASE COPY or PDF | DOWNLOAD SINGLES | SUBSCRIBE (In...


Confessions of a Knowledge Junkie

When I walk into a book store, I always pause, do a 180 degree perusal of my surroundings while drinking in the smell of knowledge.

New Dimensions of Type: Jerome Corgier's Skeletal Alphabet

The French designer Jerome Corgier, one of this year’s New Visual Artists, is a master of crafting two- and three-dimensional landscapes from type. For his newest project, called Skeletype, he has created an alphabet (minus one letter—can you find it?) from slats of wood held together with glue. Each letter seems to suggest a story,...

2012 New Visual Artist: Jing Wei

By Bronson Stamp There’s a photograph of Jing Wei in which she’s standing up to her neck in nachos. “I woke up one morning, and there was an enormous pile of nachos in the middle of our living room,” she says. “It was like waking up to a dream!” You won’t find many nachos...

2012 New Visual Artist: Dafi Kühne

Dafi Kühne took a rather circuitous route to becoming a graphic designer. He first fell in love with design during the year he spent studying architecture in the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. When he decided that wasn’t a good fit, he dropped out of the program and spent a year working as a...