New York City

22 of the Big Apple’s Best Designs

The New York City region of the RDA illustrates the competition at its best: The best design work wins the day, regardless of whether you're a beginner or Michael Bierut.

Designer of the Week: Zipeng Zhu

Meet art director, designer, wunderkind and princess Zipeng Zhu. Working to make every day a "✨RAZZLE✨DAZZLE✨ musical."

Happy Birthday To The Cathedral Of Commerce!

As many people do, I’ve often found it necessary to have things framed for display at home and in our studio—a relatively simple process that had always had a satisfying result. One “gallery” I used to take my stuff to also specialized in selling vintage prints of all kinds that they would beautifully frame...

Love Is Lame, Is It?

Chad Silver thinks you can measure your love in inches. For the JSx55 gallery in New York City, he’s re-imagined his deconstructionist valentine, affectionately known as the “shit bitch” bear, as a 40-inch furry giant named Albert. “He’s their exclusive love child,” says Silver. Offered in limited edition, Albert is part of Loveislame, a...

In a New York State of Mind

I recently took an amazing position with a brand I love to make a product I love, but the wrinkle is that this new position is going to be based in San Francisco, requiring me to move across the country from New York, “big city of dreams,” to the mellow coast. Having to move...