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The Times Art Director, 1916-1934

Jeff Roth, researcher extraordinaire, found this obituary for Edward Nelson Dart, former "New York Times" art director and layout man.


07/15/2014: Lebron in the New York Times

When the story broke that Lebron James was returning to Cleveland after four seasons in Miami, newspapers were faced with the challenge of how to present one of the biggest breaking news sports stories of the year. The New York Times, known for its effective use of white space in the past, handled the...


All The News That Fits

The New York Times was first published as the New-York Daily Times on September 18, 1851. It’s America’s oldest daily. It was quite a different paper: “We shall be Conservative,” wrote its Republican publisher, Henry Jarvis Raymond, “in all cases where we think Conservatism essential to the public good;—and we shall be Radical in...

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Snail Mail Art

When I was an art director at the New York Times, my colleagues and I received our fair share of illustrated beauties either as invoices, promotions or simple greetings. Here are a few sent to me and others.

Tom Bodkin, Chief Creative Officer

Tom Bodkin, who has either held or currently holds positions of art director, senior art director, design director, assistant managing editor, and deputy managing editor of The New York Times was recently, well deservedly named its Chief Creative Officer, a new position that firmly plants design into the corporate hierarchy in the 21st century...

Shameless Living

I love looking at how other people live. Given the opportunity, I’d happily walk through neighborhoods at dusk, walking slowly past people’s houses, right when they turn on the lights but haven’t yet closed the curtains, taking a peek into how they had their lives arranged in whatever room I could see. Over at Speak Up, I got to run...

Swiss Miss

The first time I went to Palm Springs, we went on this really cool mid-century architecture tour called PS Modern. I’m so glad I took this tour, and The New York Times describes it perfectly: On Palm Spring’s main drag sits one of the city’s oldest architectural touchstones: a concrete bell tower salvaged from...