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Designer of the Week: Alan Bibby

Print's Designer of the Week Alan Bibby shares thoughts on diverse education and how we should "feed and educate our imaginations."

Vaudeville, Goons, and a Sex-Crazed Nun: Roger Langridge's Absurdist Comics

Roger Langridge began attracting attention in the early 1990s with two comic books. Knuckles the Malevolent Nun, starring a twisted sister who had more bad habits than most people could ever imagine, was rendered in R. Crumb–like crosshatching. Art d’Ecco, which featured a sadistic cad who casually tortured his idiot sidekick, was of course...

Today's Obsession: Quake Mapping

Here’s a fascinating bit of infographic which I’ve been watching for the past few days. The Japan Quake Map is a satellite view of Japan including a sub-oceanic view of its surrounding faultlines. The map is animated to give you a time-lapse view of exactly what the Japanese people are going through. It’s horrific—there...