Nicolas Heller

NY Nico’s Got Talent

New York Nico is cited by the famous Astor Place Barber Shop as "the unoffical [sic] talent scout of New York City. A.K.A. Nicolas Heller, he's also Steven Heller's son.

Dumpster Diving For Art

California artist Ann Weber began her career making large ceramic pottery. She studied with Viola Frey at California College of Arts and Crafts in Oakland, whose totemic clay figures inspired the scale of Weber’s own work. But in 1991 Weber switched from ceramics to cardboard (see here). “Cardboard allows me to make monumental, yet...

"Crazy Align" by Shake the Baron

Ricky Shabazz and the Bap Boom Boys (aka Nicolas Heller) recently directed an engagingly dramatic, smartly conceived, subtly surreal music video for Shake the Baron, a solid rock band from New York. The video, “Crazy Align,” speaks louder than my words. I urge you to watch here.