Noma Bar


Weekend Heller: Noma Bar’s Cuts, Dubai’s Sun

Cut the Conflict at the Rook & Raven Gallery in London will exhibit Noma Bar’s distinctive mixture of ‘double-take’ imagery and biting social commentary to a new level, by collecting different materials from countries in conflict and exposing their current political and social situation.

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Interview: Skyping with Noma Bar

Read “Interview: Skyping with Noma Bar” written by Buzz Poole from the  June 2013 issue of Print. The prolific designer and illustrator shares his process for incorporating color into his work. Pick up your copy of The Color Issue to read even more about color! Even if you’ve never seen one of Noma Bar’s...

Seeing the Olympics from a Different Perspective

As Londoner Gareth Hague commented in this space in early July, the pomp and national pride that usually marches in during every Olympic cycle has been supplanted by ridicule, aggravation, and protest, thanks to an Olympics that is, as the New Statesman put it, “suffocated by sponsors.” The angst that the denizens of London...

Noma Bar in New York at GallerySeven

I can’t take credit for “discovering” Noma Bar’s work, but I will take credit for instigating his two books that exposed him to a wider audience. By the time he pitched his first book, Guess Who?, Bar had already worked for high-profile UK clients like The Guardian and Penguin, but since then his work...