North Korea

Mangasia: A Thousand Views of a Hundred Years of Asian Comics

Do we really need another book-length history of manga? Especially so soon on the heels of John Lent’s excellent Asian Comics, published just a few years ago? Turns out, yes. Mangasia: The Definitive Guide to Asian Comics, by comics expert Paul Gravett, is a very important addition, with a great deal to recommend it.

Game of Flags: American Flag Propaganda

Poor Old Glory has been a staple of propaganda posters for as long as anyone (well anyone standing around me at the moment) can recall. American Flag propaganda is having its symbolic moment again, brought back as the object of hatred in anti-American propaganda in a certain small nation dictated by a certain 29...

Mad Man: The Long Strange Tale of Kim Jong-Il's Advertising Career

On Saturday, December 17th 2011, traveling on his train, Kim Jong-il, president of North Korea and star of the advertising world died. Here are some highlights of his advertising career.   If you liked this Check out more of Mirko’s slideshows: These Boots are Made for Walking, Walking Over You: Jackboots over the years Boy “O” Boy:...