The Continuing Adventures of O-Man

A Daily Heller regular, Robert Grossman’s O-Man comic, has been noticeably absent for the past few months. I guess the campaign pressures took its toll. But here as a projection is a post-election reflection for your detection.

O-Man: Rhyme or Reason by Robert Grossman

It has been too long since the last O Man installment by Robert Grossman. The time is right for a little incisive satire on the election—if you haven’t noticed, we are already just 35 days from November 6. The first …

Robert Grossman's O-Man

From time to time, Robert Grossman (Bob to his friends) blesses us with his O-Man saga, and OH MAN this one is good. Join O-Man and his animal friends, as they fight and cause injustice, inequity and indigestion.