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What Designers Won’t Do (Today)

Or would they? In the 1930s, graphic or industrial designers wouldn't think twice about designing cigarette packages. Now, it is the number one no-no. Anyone with a social conscience would cut off their right (or left depending on their orientation) hand before contributing to the danger of others. But back then, before health facts...


Revolution Foods Takes on Lunchables with Tasty Packaging Design

A positive news story about graphic design? Was I dreaming? From the 1976 NBC ‘N’ fiasco to the recent brouhaha over the redesigned Yahoo logo, I’m used to seeing stories in the press that divulge how much companies pay for brand updates that are seen as nonfunctional, dumb, and/or despised by the public. On...


Image of the Day, 08/23/13: Stout Packaging Design

Emrich Office created this packaging for a Mexican chocolate stout by Copper Kettle Brewing. It features details and illustrations that evoke Aztec and other ancient indian cultures, upon which the recipe is based. The final label was printed using copper ink. See more images here. Via Creative Roots.

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Packaging Design Meets the Royal Heir

HRH George Alexander Louis is already having an affect on the British economy. His birth is expected to bring in millions of dollars/euros/pounds for commemoratives.


Image of the Day, June 4, 2013

University of San Francisco student Mia Johnson created this amazingly detailed Adventure Supply Kit as her thesis project, which includes designs for everything from books for the journey to a constellation chart. Via Design Work Life.


Image of the Day, May 29, 2013

Alena Akhmadullina worked with the Cocoon Group to create the vibrant, limited edition Absolut bottle. See more detailed photos from the project here. Via Creative Roots.


Image of the Day, May 23, 2013

Design agency Mucho used a muted color palette and geometric shapes for their branding of cosmetics company Fisix in a way that appeals to both men and women. Via BP&O.


Image of the Day, April 23, 2013

Paste Magazine lists hosts a comprehensive gallery of coffee packaging design, including this entry for Verve Coffee Roasters by Chen Design Associates. See more here.  

Black Dahlia Murder, Part 2: The Victim’s Makeup

Wrapping up my interview with crime historian Joan Renner, we delve deeper into an unsolved murder mystery. Joan explores her theory that the victim’s Black Dahlia persona began when she was still alive. Read part one, with more details of the Dahlia investigation, here. Our conversation picks up with Joan describing her passion for...