Paolo Garretto

A Different Side of Garretto

Steven Heller discovers an odd, uncharacteristic piece by Paolo Garretto, an artist known for his streamlined art-deco work.

Graphics For A Fortune

Fortune Magazine isn't necessarily known to be the most graphically compelling publication. That is, unless you look back to the magazine's first 15 years, starting in 1929. Find out who penned the illustration for its original prototype—a rare piece!

Lost Garretto Covers Found

This is not the find of the century. Yet for the few Paolo Garretto fans out there, it might be a minor discovery of some note. I posted a pair of stories about Garretto, the Italian master of the moderne airbrush technique known for his Vanity Fair and Fortune covers, almost a year ago...

Paolo Garretto Part 1

There was hardly a noteworthy American magazine that had not published Paolo Garretto’s work at one time. There were virtually no French, Italian, English, and German poster hoardings or kiosks on which his advertisements did not regularly appear. His airbrushed caricature epitomized Deco styling. During the Twenties and Thirties he was a master of...

Paolo Garretto Part 2

(For Part 1 go here) Many monumental things happened in 1927. In addition to embarking on the road to fame and ubiquity as a graphic artist “I also married [his first wife Ariane], went to live in Paris and worked in London,” Paolo Garretto wrote. “But my wife did not like London so I...