The Paper Mounties

For over 50 years, the famed Royal Canadian Mounted Police was the symbol for the Northwest Paper division of Potlatch Corporation.


05/07/2014: Neenah Paper posters

The Regional Design Annual is your chance to represent the design scene in your region. Plus, all winners will appear in our highly searched index of winners. Enter today. It’s no secret that Design Army has been one of the most creative and exciting studios on the east coast for several years now. The D.C.-based...


04/25/2014: Animal voice memos

This is an entertaining project with each part carefully considered – and you can’t really go wrong with cute animals. Animal Voice Memos are a collaboration between Tokyo-based illustrator Ko. Machiyama and Paperable and the end result is clever, high-end and beautifully-crafted memo pad.  Via Creative Boom.


Image of the Day, 12/16/2013: Skyline illustrations

Loose Petals founder Karen Young uses a highly graphic style to create charming city skyline illustrations. Young doesn’t stop with the most iconic cityscapes – she’s been everywhere from Oklahoma CIty to Olso, Norway, and covered each with a keen eye for detail. Each poster is printed on a woven, recycled paper and most can...

How to Make Your Own Paper Toy Monster

If you read yesterday’s piece on making paper toy monsters and you were inspired to wander down that perilously addictive road yourself, Garrison Beau Scott (aka baykiddead) himself, has agreed to share some of his tips and tricks with us. Enjoy. The Tools Library card –  for precise folds Tweezers  – for holding/pinching in...

Everything You Need to Know About Paper Toy Monsters (and Much, Much More)

Who knew? Apparently making paper toy monsters is kind of a big deal to a certain small group of art and design enthusiasts. And like street art, break dancing, wrestling, or any other niche art groove, there are heroes, villains, elaborate story lines, and great names (not just of the monsters but of the...