daily heller 1-13-14

Every Picture Tells a Story Don’t It

Visit Paris' landmark bookinistes, the old and used booksellers parked on the left and right banks of the Seine, and you'll find stories galore in each and every piece they have for sale. Explore a few I found while in Paris.


Paree, Cité of Les Stuff

Paris is a wonderful place to take snaps (or as they say en Français, Les Instagrams) and I took many.

Finally "Seeing" Street Art

Although my eyes first began digesting what I now know to be “street art” in the mid-1990s in San Francisco, it wasn’t until a trip to Paris in the Fall of 2009 and a move to Los Angeles a couple months later that I began tuning into the endless and ever-changing gallery of inspired...

Vogue: The Covers

Strike a pose – specifically, a comfy reading position. As we ring in the New Year, iconic magazine Vogue invites us to look back on 120-years of style with their luxe coffee table archive, “Vogue: The Covers.” And just as crazy-excited “Sex and the City” Carrie Bradshaw was to tour the legendary Vogue accessories...

Paris Signage

The amount of visual beauty one can absorb while strolling the streets of Paris is hard to fathom. When not distracted by the fashionable women, perfectly groomed gardens or intricate architectural details, my eyes are drawn like magnets to the endless collection of signage which sits like a hand-selected little hat atop each doorway...

A Hotel Where the Writing Is on the Walls

I’m speaking at the OFFF Festival this weekend and staying at a hotel in Paris (20th Arr.) near Père–Lachaise called Mama Shelter, designed by Philippe Starck. Writing on the walls is not allowed, because all the ceilings, rugs, mirrors, elevators, and walls are already written on. It’s not exactly graffiti, but it’s close: The...

Round + Round

Saturday Extra: What makes Ferris Wheels so amazing is not the engineering marvel itself, but the total craziness of going round and round on a huge wheel for no other reason than to go round and round. The Grand Roue de Paris is currently rolling in Jardins Tuileries, and what a magnificent wonder it...