An Unofficial Visual History of Camouflage

It’s uncanny, the similarities between birthing babies and books. No sooner do you pop out the first one, folks start eagerly chatting you up about #2. While the jury remains out on sibling-making for our son, I’m at least equipped with an answer for what I’ll tackle for book #2: a popular history of...


3 Emerging Pattern Trends

Pattern Observer Michelle Fifis talks about 3 emerging pattern trends that she gleaned from Indigo New York and Printsource New York — leading print shows.


Image of the Day, July 19, 2013

Check out Steve Kroeter’s profile on Penguin Book’s Coralie Bickford-Smith, whose patterns on cloth-bound editions of classic books have inspired collectors since 2008. Via Designers & Books.

pattern power

Patternity’s PATTERN POWER: Superstripe

If you’re in or near London, you must run, not walk to catch Patternity’s fantastic exhibit about stripes, PATTERN POWER: Superstripe, ending April 21. As you may recall, I interviewed Patternity for “Print” last fall. We started with their work in textile and surface design but quickly veered into more fascinating territory: their ongoing...

Black and White and Fascinating All Over: The History of B&W Checkerboard

Imprint’s longtime color columnist, Jude Stewart, is writing a new series on patterns in design. Her previous posts have touched on Adolf Loos, pattern consulting, pattern archives, and holiday wrapping paper. Here, she plumbs a simple, ubiquitous pattern—black-and-white checks, or tartan—that carries a dizzying variety of meanings across cultures and contexts. How many ideas can...

Gilded-Age Dogs Atop Penny-Farthings: A Tour of Philadelphia University’s Patterns Archive

Imprint’s longtime color columnist, Jude Stewart, is writing a new series on patterns in design. Previously, she asked whether ornament is really a crime and spoke to the founders of a London-based “pattern consultancy.”  As part of my new series on pattern, I spoke recently with Sarah Moore, the textile curator of Philadelphia University’s Design Center. Moore...

Stick Bomb!

Fun project for the weekend: play with physics and patterns! This is a cobra-weave stick bomb, which makes a huge loud racket that kids will doubtless love and cats will doubtless hate. I found these very much by accident a couple weeks ago when I was looking up methods of knot-tying for a client...

Today's Obsession: Bellringing

Hands down, the coolest thing I’ve found by mistake lately: The Worcestershire & Districts Change Ringing Association. This is an association of church bell ringers, and resources for those profesionals (and, I think, hobbyists). Within, you’ll find a map of local-area bell towers, resources for ringers (such as ways to make their change ringing...