Paul Rand

DuBouchett and Paul Rand’s Illustrated Trademarks

Paul Rand took over the Dubonnet Man from its originator A.M. Cassandre when the liquor came to the United States. He also created the Coronet Man, the mascot for Coronet Brandy. But did you know about the DuBouchett Man (a Harlequin by any other name)? These are all illustrative trademarks, of which he did...

Weekend Heller: Pensieri sul Design

As I lay on my hotel bed listening to the soothing tones of “My Way” by Sinatra and the “Godfather” theme emanating from the Piazza San Minerva in Rome, I have thoughts of Paul Rand. There are not too many books about or artifacts by Paul Rand in Italy, although his seminal Thoughts on...

jessica hische, tomorrow I'll be brave

13 Graphic Designers Who Created Picture Books

From Paul Rand to Jessica Hische, these 13 graphic designers have ventured into the craft of children’s literature, all with one notable thing in common: bringing their skills as designers to an audience just getting started in learning to read and see the world.

Birds Of A Feather

For the New Year, here's a curious coincidence. It's not that one copied the other. But dotted lines for stork legs? Good ideas may be in the air.