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Erotica: Award-Winning Spencerian Script

Ever since OpenType sparked an explosion in script typefaces, I’ve been waiting for someone to design a credible Spencerian style font. Maximiliano Sproviero, a young Argentinean in his mid-20s, has done just that with the perfectly named Erotica from Lián Types. The font family has already won an award from the Type Directors Club, which is where I encountered it—and him—earlier this year.

An L.A. View of Meggs's N.Y. School of Design

Everyone will approach the fifth edition of Meggs’ History of Graphic Design through their own personal filters. Steve Heller’s already done his overview of the print and digital versions. Paul Shaw may pick up his Blue Pencil to correct factual …

Michael Harvey's Life of Letters

I have known Michael Harvey, the British book jacket designer / lettercutter / type designer, for nearly thirty years. And I have known his work for far longer, having first discovered it in Erik Lindegren’s ABC of Lettering and Printing …