Fluid Wood Type

Photo-Lettering catalogs, like this one from the early 1960s, are a source of reinvigorated vintage type design that cannot help but bring a smile to the eye.

Remember When: Seventies Type Nostalgia

Selling type users on certain styles of photo type meant that Photo-Lettering Inc. contrived to make typographic fashions. A big one—a conceit that was big in the early 1970s—was nostalgia, even for things, places, and times that one did not actually live through. This catalog, simply titled Nostalgia (A Collection of Nostalgic Alphabets, 1972,...

Photo-Lettering and the Paste-Up Era

This just in from the folks at House Industries: Fanatical Mechanical: Photo-Lettering and the Paste-Up Era, a new exhibition opening February 6 at Chapman University’s Guggenheim Gallery (Feb. 6 through March 9, 2012) displays mechanical-era graphic artifacts with their modern iterations and deftly demonstrates the relevance of traditional graphic arts techniques in a contemporary...

Today's Obsession: Photo-Lettering

House Industries released a snazzy little twofer this week with its new Photo-Lettering service. As with everything House, it’s charmingly retro right down to the implementation—it feels like buying strips of headlines from the typesetting house and rubbing them down. That’s how we did it in the olden days, you see. You pick an...