Picturing Famous Comics Artists and Animators, at Ease

Explore portraits and interviews of cartoonists, comics artists, animators and more, all from Michael Dooley and photographer Greg Preston, who is currently seeking to fund a new volume of his book, The Artist Within.

02/20/2014: R-rated movie illustrations

In the category “Why Didn’t I Think of That?” we have these hilariously charming children’s book-style illustrations that accompany notorious scenes from cinematic history, created by Pixar storyboard artist Josh Cooley. Pulp Fiction, Die Hard, Jaws, The Big Lebowski (below) and more will be compiled for a book entitled “Movies R Fun” and will...

Today's Obsession: Don Shank

Don Shank, whose name you don’t know but whose work you do, has opened a store of his original work. Go! Buy! Who’s Don? Oh, you’ll recognize his hand. Don’s design and imagecraft has been informing the entire world’s visual sensibilities for years now with his work on features such as Up and The...