Weekend Heller: Plagiarism, No. Thanksgivanukkha, Si.

If you're looking for a definition of plagiarism look below and read this story about a ripoff of Louise Fili's logo for a Texas restaurant, Aventino, from LogoThief. There's copying and then there's COPYING. And seriously, if you're going to copy, don't do every little graphic flourish.

Rand's Roman Separated-at-Births

Funny what you’ll find while strolling around Rome’s maze of streets. Along the Tiber River I came across the poster (below). Now, where have I seen that exact image before? Let me see . . . in my own book on Paul Rand? In Rand’s own book on himself? As the cover of Sparkle...

Copy Cats, 1915

For a dozen years I contributed a small feature in each issue of Print called “Separated At Birth.” The concept was simple: To reveal (or call out, if you prefer) design and designers who were (knowingly or not) overly influenced or had decidedly copied another person’s design or illustration. Similarly, Mirko Ilic frequently posts...