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Weekend Heller: Plagiarism, No. Thanksgivanukkha, Si.

If you’re looking for a definition of plagiarism look below and read this story about a ripoff of Louise Fili’s logo for a Texas restaurant, Aventino, from LogoThief. There’s copying and then there’s COPYING. And seriously, if you’re going to copy, don’t do every little graphic flourish.

Rand's Roman Separated-at-Births

Funny what you’ll find while strolling around Rome’s maze of streets. Along the Tiber River I came across the poster (below). Now, where have I seen that exact image before? Let me see . . . in my own book …

Copy Cats, 1915

For a dozen years I contributed a small feature in each issue of Print called “Separated At Birth.” The concept was simple: To reveal (or call out, if you prefer) design and designers who were (knowingly or not) overly influenced …