Creating a Great Graphic Design Portfolio

Your design portfolio is the first thing your employer or client will see, so it’s crucial that it stands out from the crowd.  Your resume and cover letter may be important, but keep in mind that a portfolio is the part of a job application that matters most—and it’s all that matters to potential...

03/11/2014: Lettering artforms

A look at the recent work of Budapest, Hungary-based designer Áron Jancsó typographic work. Many take a nearly abstract approach but still have an excellent geometric shapes and forms. Check out more here. Via Looks Like Good Design.

Today's Obsession: Stacey

With more and more of us branching out onto the web on our own, it’s a great thing to constantly find tools to build our portfolio sites quickly and easily. Stacey’s an app just for that: a CMS that’s lightweight, easy to install and easy to run. You drop it onto your server, no...

Today's Obsession: Design a Day

A bit of housekeeping: our Monday Obsession, TypeDNA, has given us two full licenses to award. Send an @ mention to House of Pretty or on Twitter with “TypeDNA” in it to enter. We’ll announce winners in next Monday’s Obsessions column. Read on for today’s obsession!