Laura Bifano: June’s Cover Artist

We were lucky to work with illustrator Laura Bifano to create the cover of the June issue of Print. She tells us about her process, what inspires her and shares some images of another illustration piece.

Image of the Day, 12/13/13: Winter scene cards

Last chance! The Print Celebrates Design Competition 2013 is the first ever Print competition focused on all things festive! Join the party and submit your 2013 designs today! Love these linoleum-engraved illustrations in these cards, inspired by Montreal street scenes and created by L’abricot. Limiting the color palette really enhances their wintry feel. Check...

Twitter, One Direction, The Walking Dead and Art

#Art was trending last night on Twitter, along with #1Dmemories, #TheWalkingDead and #TheBible (eclectic company). I suppose it could have been trending for some guy named #Art, but I was overcome with enthusiasm and an incredible tingling knowing that millions were indeed using the hashtag #Art and I, through @Printmag, could influence these interested...